Sue Abell

Founder, Instructor & Trainer

Sue has two wonderful children and has been married to her hubby for 17 years. Although her current role is based on sweat and movement, Sue began her life as a dedicated pianist before completing her degree in Honors English and going on to a successful global business career.

After moving back to Canada in 2004 with her family Sue returned to her passion for the fitness world she first entered at age 18 when she first discovered that movement equaled personal power.

Tread Powerfully® was created in 2008 when Sue desired to create a fitness home within her community that offered empowering and accessible programs ranging from outdoor power walking and muscle circuit classes to boxing, yoga and group strength classes.

Tread Powerfully® maintains a close connection to community businesses, has created two free community movement programs called “Strong at Six” for teens/adults and the “ENERGY” school program, maintains a fun and informative Facebook page and blog and Sue is also honored to be part of the Lululemon Ambassador Program.

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