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Can I try a class before signing up and do you have drop-in classes?

We want to ensure that Tread Powerfully® is right for you so please come out and try your first class for no cost before you decide to sign-on for the remainder of the season.

Before you attend a trial class, please email Sue to ensure space permits and download, print and sign both the Waiver and the Par-Q forms and bring them to your first class.

Sometimes you may want to bring a guest with you or do an extra class here and there.
Costs for drop-in classes are:

Box/Train – $12
Small Group Training – $20
Intense Strength – $10
Muscle Blast – $10
Balance and Core Flow Yoga – $10

I want to join but the session has already started?
If there is space in a program we would love to have you start at any time in the session and we will pro-rate the amount.
How do I get connected with Tread Powerfully and get my questions answered?
Tread Powerfully® Owner Sue would love to hear from you via email or phone (905-580-9777) and you can always keep updated with the group via our blogFacebook and Twitter.
What do I wear & bring to indoor classes?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and breathe without overheating. You’ll also need a sturdy pair of running shoes,  water bottle and a small towel of mop up your sweat!

For some of the classes we ask that you bring your own props (please read the details in the class descriptions for specifics).  Most important is to dress in a way that works for you.

When the ground is wet or muddy it’s important that you change into a pair of dry running shoes before entering the indoor space to keep yourself and others safe.

What do I wear & bring to Balance and Core Flow yoga?

Comfortable clothing that will move with you in all positions is essential for you to feel grounded and not exposed.

Bare feet are traditional in all yoga classes however, if you wish to wear non-grip yoga socks please do what works for you. A non-slip mat is important in many of the postures or having a yoga towel on top of your mat. Two yoga blocks and a yoga strap (available for purchase from Sue for $20) will be used in classes as well.

What do I wear & bring to outdoor classes?

Since our classes run year round it’s important to dress for the season.

Colder Months: Light, moisture wicking (breathable) layers that can be removed and tied around the waist are important to allow heat to escape.  When the wind starts to blow a hat or ear covering is essential as is a barrier for your face.

Warmer Months: Light, moisture wicking clothes are important and to lower the intensity of the heat we recommend a hat, sunglasses or both.  Don’t forget your sunscreen and water bottle as well!

ALL SEASONS: What you wear on your feet is crucial to your success in feeling comfortable and pain-free.  Shoes fit by an expert are key, ensuring that shoes are swapped out on a regular basis. Not sure where to get a solid pair of shoes that are right for you? Check out our Community Connections for some recommendations.

Do I have to take the same Outdoor Class(es) every week?

Not at all!

Regardless of which type of outdoor membership you choose (1, 2 or 3+ classes per week) you can either stick with your favourite class(es) or change up the class(es) every week.

We at Tread Powerfully® want to provide you with the most amount of flexibility to ensure you get the most out of your Outdoor Membership!

What happens with outdoor classes in weather situations?

Our goal at Tread Powerfully® is safety above all else.

If it’s raining and conditions are safe classes will operate.  However if it’s thundering and/or lightning classes are cancelled and if it occurs in the middle of a class the class will turn back.

If it’s snowing and conditions are safe classes will operate.  However if there is too much ice or snow to walk safely then classes will be cancelled.

Please note that each year it is rare for classes to be cancelled with it only happening in extreme conditions.

How will I know if a class is cancelled and can I do a make-up for a cancelled class?
Cancellations will be notified via email and on our Facebook page with as much notice as possible.  A make-up class option will be offered at the time of the cancellation with options ranging from doing an additional class in the current session, to attending a special weather make-up or a totally different class of your choice.
What if I miss a class based on a personal situation?

With an outdoor membership you have flexibility to keep track of how many classes you miss and make it up during another outdoor class time-slot that is suitable for your fitness level in the current session.

With an indoor membership where floor space is limited you are advised to write the instructor prior to the class and ask if there is an opening in a different time-slot that week or any other week in the current session.

Please note:
– Class fees differ between indoor and outdoor classes and you may be required to pay a top-up fee.
– There are no carry-overs to the next session and no refunds for missed classes.
– In very special circumstances a request can be made to forward the payment to a future session.

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