Outdoor Class Descriptions

Muscle Blast

The power of this class comes from mixing moving cardio segments with muscle circuits, using the outdoors as our motivation and muse. Whether your choice is to power walk or jog, we all end up together at stops along the city or waterfront landscape using our body, ledges, varying terrain and stairs as our “gym”.

This class ranges in length from 60 to 75 minutes, giving us space and time to complete the circuits for the day. Best part? The feeling that lingers throughout the day when we mix open air with the collective and sweat!

Indoor Class Descriptions

Note for all indoor classes: although there are no carry-overs to the next season we encourage you to buy the class options that work for you knowing that there is a large selection of classes from which to do make-ups. If you have a changing schedule and are wondering how to manage your classes just contact Sue and she will work through options with you and ways to be creative even with differently priced programs.


Be inspired, be transformed!  As much mental as physical, this 60 minute indoor full-body muscle building class uses body-weight, dumbbells and thera-bands to create an experience where each muscle group is worked each week, with the goals of increased strength, improved body control, increased metabolism and high calorie burn.  The amazing mix of cardio drills with muscle building and a different routine each week means that you are constantly challenged and avoid reaching that dreaded plateau!

In addition to the collective energy in the room, this class allows for various fitness levels to participate as each person selects their resistance level and modifies the exercises according to the instructor cues.

Equipment: dumbbells, mat, thera-band, clean and dry shoes

4 Strength

This class is crafted in 15 minute segments: cardio, lower, upper and core. This class is a full body strength workout deliberately structured so that each person feels comfortable working at their unique pace and intensity. The predictable transition every 15 minutes is intended to calm the mind thus allowing you to fully commit to the exercises in the segment. This class uses a circuit structure which allows Sue to work with you individually while watching for form, management of any injuries and of course the encouragement to breathe and progress.

What to bring: small towel, water bottle, clean and dry shoes

Abell Bodies Small Group Training

This unique 60 minute strength and endurance concept created by Sue Abell allows multiple individuals each with their own personal goals and abilities to work out together using dumbbells, kettle bells, med balls, bars and body-weight.

Week to week you will increase your strength and stamina and gain more confidence in executing the exercises as the program morphs and moves each week! Regardless of your fitness level, if you have the inner will, you can work independently in this class at your own pace with Sue’s attention and support.

What to bring: small towel, clean and dry shoes, water bottle

Box & Train

In addition to partner boxing drills using focus pads, this sweaty workout will also integrate some of the props found in the popular “back room” including battle ropes, medicine balls, steps and skipping ropes. In a safe and fun environment inclusive of all fitness levels this is an amazing way to switch things up from your regular fitness routine. This 60 minute class is carefully crafted to keep you moving and focused while at the same time giving you options to ensure it works for your body.

What to bring: boxing gloves (focus pads provided), small towel, water bottle, clean and dry shoes

Balance and Core Flow Yoga with Sue

Come to flow in your yoga practice with a special attention to balance poses and core engagement that calls you to use your breath to move with and through the movement and yet be still, engage and stretch.  This class is suitable for all levels with the goal being to create a quiet that allows the mind and body to connect and celebrate.

What to bring: mat, 2 yoga blocks and yoga strap, water bottle

Stretch and Flow Yoga (candlelight and low light)

This 50 minute class offered at 8:30 am and 9:30 am on Thursdays will link movement to breath, holding most poses for 3 to 5 breaths to both open and strengthen.

What to bring: mat, 2 yoga blocks, waterbottle

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