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Strong body. Inspired life.

Power your Body. Empower your Spirit.

Tread Powerfully® is based on the simple concept; a conditioned and active body will create the foundation for an energetic and vital life. By moving your body as it was designed to move, you will harness the power within to exercise more effectively, increasing both strength of body and mind.

“Showing up and doing your best is all that the universe requires”.

Sue Abell | Founder, Trainer, Life Coach

Who we are & what we do

Tread Powerfully® is a fitness and wellness organization based in Burlington, Ontario that has been supporting and changing lives since 2008.

We provide cardiovascular and muscular conditioning for everyone from power walkers, runners and cyclists to individuals starting out or returning to fitness.

Tread Powerfully® nurtures body and soul with an experience based on community, mutual respect and wellness.

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Strong Body

Muscle in everything while you workout to your own ability. The Tread Powerfully® fitness experience is truly like none other. Our cardiovascular, muscular conditioning and mind-body classes will help to build and maintain your strong body.

Inspired Life

Goals, dreams and visions for the future
become a reality once they float from your
head and heart onto paper. Dig a little deeper
with one-on-one sessions with Sue or join her
Reset workshop to execute a vision for the future that you desire.

Community Member

Building a strong community network
is the cornerstone of what we do
here at Tread Powerfully®. We believe
that becoming a valued member
of a community is vital to our sense of self and our happiness.