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Tread Powerfully is a fitness organization operating in Burlington, Ontario since January 2008 that provides cardiovascular and muscular conditioning for power walkers, runners, cyclists and other fitness enthusiasts. Through its varied interval power walking with muscle building classes to its indoor strength classes and race preparation, Tread Powerfully provides a whole fitness experience based on community, mutual respect and wellness.

Sue Abell voted Best Fitness Instructor,
Burlington Post Reader's Choice Awards
(Diamond 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010, Platinum 2009)

Tread Powerfully voted Best New Business,
Burlington Post Reader's Choice Awards (Gold 2009)


Power your Body. Empower your Spirit.

Tread Powerfully is based on the simple belief that a conditioned and active body will provide the foundation for an energetic and vital life. By driving your body as it was made to move each day, you will harness your power within to exercise more effectively than ever before, increasing both strength of body, and strength of mind.

Sue Abell, Tread Powerfully Creator/Instructor (copyright 2009 Tread Powerfully. All Rights Reserved.)

561 Brant St – PO Box 85172 – Burlington, ON – L7R 2G0 – 905-580-9777 –